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If it is not applicable then write NA.

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I certify that all information i have provided in this application form is valid, accurate & are complete to the best of my knowledge. Any false or misleading information or omission of information in this application form is a ground for my disqualification before & during the contest or dethronement for winners. I fully understand & agree to the contest rules & regualtion. If chosen as “Star Steps Mrs India” or a runner up i will not at any time thereafter commercially exploit my title in any way whatsoever except exclusively through the Organizer. I will not conduct my self with decorum during my reign & shall NOT commit any immoral or illegal act that, in the opinion of the Star Steps Mrs India (SSMI) could bring disrepute, ridicule or contempt to the SSMI Image & reputation. If elected, i will not enter or participate as a candidate in any other pageant during my reign. I will not sign or enter into any contract or agreement with individuals, organization or companies & will not give any written or verbal product endorsements or be associated with any commercial organization without prior consent or authority of the SSMI. I totally agree to be involved in all events arranged by SSMI. Barring extreme circumstances, i will fulfill my duties & understands that it is the sole judgement of STAR STEPS Mrs INDIA (SSMI) to decide when i am no longer able to fulfill the duties. All the disputes will be settled only under the jurisdiction of High Court of Gwalior. • For further information / clarifications, Visit WWW.STARSTEPS.IN • Star Steps India’s Pageants are organized for the purpose to promote & give platform. This doesn’t imply any Guarantee or confirmation. • For any inquiry email us on

Please Deposit Fees of INR. 1500 by scanning the QR code or via NEFT given below.

Please Deposit Fees of INR. 1500 by scanning the QR code or via NEFT.

Details for Online Payments

A/c Name: Star Steps
Bank Name: Indian Bank.
Branch: Govindpuri Gwalior
Type of A/c: C.A.(current account)
Account number: 6517165599