Our Special Courses

Losing weight as part of weight management is important because weighing too much is not good for your health.

Being overweight increase your of health conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes & certain type of cancer.

Duration :- 1 Time

Fees :- INR 1000.00

The art of good mannners & etiquette, while being seated of dinner needs to be learnt. It is important how you handle cutlery, how you put pood into your mouth, how you respond to conversations, what you wear & how you are seated. It is essential to be familiar with the techniques of fine dining so as to avoid dis comfort during formal interactions such as weddings & meetings

Duration: 3 Sessions(Includes practical session at a restaurant)
Fees: INR.4,000.00

Be it family or social push for performance (Success), compromise (ethical value) or indulgence (promiscuity,drugs),handling peer pressure is the single most important personality trait in today’s complex world that can prevent fiasco in life.

Duration: 2 Days
Fees: INR.2,000.00

The course is one-to-one & confidential. This includes do’s & don’ts of body language way to carry yourself with poise & grace, developing appropriate communication skills, how to handle conflict effectively, wardrobe management, make up techniques, fine dining, party etiquettes.

Dauration: 5 Days
Fess: INR.10,000.00

You need to develop excellent public speaking techniques, voice modulation with an acumen to maintain public interaction by developing & maintaining correct hand gestures, eye contact & body language.

Duaration: 10 Days
Fees: INR. 20,000.00

Total 32 session each class of 3 hours, taught by polyglot international instructors. One career counselling session included.


  • English INR.         -79,000/-
  • Korean INR.         -1,38,000/-
  • Dutch INR.           -1,38,000/-
  • German INR.       -1,52,000/-
  • Esperanto INR.   -1,68,000/-
  • French INR.         -1,52,000/-

Super Crash Course(Designed for Pageant Training i.e. For Kids,Miss,Mr. & Mrs. Contest)

Duration : 05 Days
Fees : INR 10,000

Crash Course
Duration : 20 Days
Fees : INR 18,000

Queen Course
Duration : 30 Days
Fees : INR 35,000

Super Queen Course(For Professional Modeling)
Duration : 06 Month
Fees : INR 70,000